Mobile Projects

As BTPRO, we are developing native Mobile Applications in both iOS and Android languages in order to provide solutions to various needs in different sectors.

At the beginning of our priorities in our mobile projects, it is aimed to have a positive experience with the applications that are used by the users and therefore with the brands that the application belongs to. In line with this goal, we implement all our applications in line with a specific mobile strategy.

A Mobile Project in 5 Steps


In the exploration step, exploratory work is being done on user profiles that will use the application to be developed and on similar applications in the markets. As a result of this study, the data which are given out are shared with the customer and opinions are taken.


In the identification step, the requirements, requirements and components of the application to be developed are determined taking into account the results of the discovery step. The findings are shared with the customer and especially the approval of the customers are taken.


In the design step, the determinations in the identification step are analyzed and user friendly designs are prepared taking into account the brand-appropriate, memorable and mobile user experiences. The prepared mock-ups are shared with the customer and their opinions are taken and final designs are given to the customer's approval.


In the development step, native applications are developed using up-to-date global techniques, appropriate patterns, and secure software methods in accordance with the designs specified in the previous step. Error Tracking Systems (BTS) are also being developed in order to increase the user satisfaction and to detect the mistakes in order to make forward-looking update plans correctly. At certain stages of the development process, test versions of the application are shared with the customer to provide customer control and approval.


In the publishing step, the improved apps are published on AppStore and Google Play markets with customer approval. Applications are being developed and published as having 'Version Management' and 'Mandatory Update' features.

Our goal with this mobile strategy is to make successful projects with positive feedback from happy users and to make our customers happy as a result of successful projects.

We use modules in our mobile applications are as follows.

Social Media Integrations
Secure Payment (3D)
Push Notification
Creating Dynamic Menu and Content
High User Exprience by Caching
App-in Purchasing
Bluetooth and iBeacon

Mobile eCommerce Projects

With our e-Commerce Projects, we enable our customers to spread their sales activities to the mobile world. Thanks to user-friendly applications that we have developed with up-to-date technologies in accordance with brand values, we are making successful projects that have gained the appreciation of users and companies.

Our sample eCommerce Projects

US Polo
Pierre Cardin

Sectoral Mobile Projects

As BTPRO, we develop sectoral applications as a solution to the needs that arise from companies that show up in different sectors or the needs that arise in the sectors. We sometimes produce solutions to make the interaction between the firm and the client more successful for the needs of our firms in their internal affairs.

Our sample Sectoral Mobile Projects

İDO Seyahat ve Ulaşım
Borusan Lojistik eTaşımacılık
Turkcell Goller Cepte
Suudi Telekom