ERP Solutions

As BTPRO, we produce ERP solutions that are specific to the ERP systems that companies manage all business processes, will make their employees easier, increase their productivity and enhance coordination among them.

With this application developed as BTPRO, it is ensured that the data in the ERP system can be interpreted as information. Thanks to these reports, business processes can be followed and analyzed more accurately and easily.

RaporPro application: For firms;

Makes Business Process Follow-up easy.
Supplies Synchronization.
Increases productivity, reduces errors.
Makes it easier to make decisions.

Data are not information!
Time is money
It supplies Synchronization
It gains productivity
It reduces errors
It makes easier to make decisions

Location Independent
Visual Analysis
Developable Platform
Role Management
Native Mobile Application
Report Attribution
Productivity and Compatibility

With the e-Reconciliation solution we developed for companies to manage reconciliation processes electronically, users can easily perform the following operations from our desktop application.

E-Reconciliation application: For firms;

BA – BS reconciliations
Current Balance reconciliation
Current Extra reconciliation

E-Reconciliation agreements are sent via e-mail to their counterparts through application. Through the link in the mail sent, the addressees can reach these agreements and return the answers to the agreements. The latest status of sent e-Reconciliations can be monitored from the application screen.

At the beginning of our priorities in mobile projects, users are aiming to have a positive experience with brands that the applications they use and therefore the applications belong to. In line with this goal, we implement all our applications in line with a specific mobile strategy.